Leaders of Tomorrow – SAGE OF South Florida, Inc. Carl M Galli Scholarship

The ‘LEADERS of TOMORROW’ – SAGE of South Florida Scholarship program each year awards scholarships of $1,500.00 to two applicants chosen by the Scholarship Selection Committee. The Committee, prioritizing merit and leadership, will select the two winning applicants after evaluating all candidates on their (a) academic achievement and (b) engagement in the community. Applicants must be both: (1) a Child, Grandchild, or Great-Grandchild of current members of SAGE of South Florida or Fort Lauderdale Prime Gentlemen; or a member of a Broward County High School Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA), and (2) a graduating high school student planning to attend; or a matriculated college student in any year of study (including graduate school) currently attending; an accredited, non-profit college or university in the United States. The scholarships are awarded annually. Winning applicants are eligible to re-apply in succeeding years.