On May 18th, SAGE of South Florida hosted an early evening Pizza Party for a few SunServe youth members and SAGE members. This was part of a nationwide event co-sponsored by SAGE USA & AARP. Planned to help different LGBT generations understand the needs & goals of one another.
I still feel “high” after our SAGETable. I can’t thank our team & the SunServe volunteers enough for participating as we had hoped.
Marty and his SunServe youths were exceptional. No question was off limits, and their well thought out responses displayed great candor and respect.
Our SAGE Members were on their game as well. I felt like all our minds were expanded after the give and take.
Everything was laid bare: from Captain Carl’s intense tale, to Sonny’s experience as an LGBT/Civil Rights activist (along with his partner, Larry). From SunServe’s Marty finding his prince, to Michael G’s civil disobedience to get his adoption rights (and his recent televised protest of the Mayor’s “Prayer Breakfast”). From Dr. Marty’s fluidity before it was fashionable, to Ann’s disclosures of her participation in SAGE’S early days, to Chris’ overcoming adversity to head to medical school, to Jean & Norma’s palpable love for one another. From Tyrrell’s story of his mother’s love, to Michael Vita’s reminiscences. From my rather melodramatic first love (which, unlike a TV soap, ended well for all concerned; even my sister who is my best friend). To our Q&A facilitator, Gene, who spoke about his coming out & his first loves.
How much we shared is amazing. How close we became in 2 hours! All because of everyone’s willingness to “let down their guards”.
Many thanks to everyone for all their efforts. Not to mention the scrumptious rainbow cupcakes baked for us by SAGE Vice President, Patrick. Under the Pride Center setup (and watchful eyes) of Clarence.
And the hours of Internet tutelage from across the Atlantic Ocean (by Ron W.) And in-office preparations (by Allen).
You were what SAGE of South Florida is all about: CommUNITY.
I feel we have begun an Intergenerational dialogue. Which should continue.

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SAGE of South Florida’s SAGETABLE